Resha means fibre

The smallest unit of the textile process, which passes through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the handmade, to create pieces that have abundance of life and spontaneity. We wish to present our collection as timeless pieces of creation, with fruits of labour and the sweat that goes into hand crafting. It is this process which makes our designs, have a soul of their own.

Each Resha has a uniqueness with its own beauty and imperfections and when a lady wears it, we aspire our love of handmade to be felt by her. We believe that every woman is special and beautiful with a lot of love, care,courage, strength and fire bundled
into her. We trust that this fire will enhance the beauty of each Resha.

The brand refreshes the age old techniques of hand crafting so as to make tasteful designs and celebrate colors.

The label is launched by Medhavini Yadav and Manish Chugh

Medhavini, a textile designer from National Institute of Design Ahmedabad. Her academic experiences from National institute of Fashion Technology and National Institute of design and immense love for rich tradition of Indian textiles encouraged her to form Resha. She is the lead force behind the design philosophy that Resha follows. Fresh perspective along with her love for life and freedom forms the foundation of the brand. Fearlessly playing with colors form an essential part of resha’s designing methodology. The imagination is not limited by market trends and forecasts, where as it is inspired from the people,surroundings, travel, mood and emotions. This is the philosophy that we are trying to imbibe in the brand.

Manish is in Resha due to his love for Indian traditional art. His vision is to make it more approachable and easy to reach for the customers and artisans.

Medhavini and Manish work from their studio in Jaipur, following their passion and creating timeless pieces which have the essence of what they believe in.

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