Lavani is a popular folk art dance form in Maharashtra.

Its performed by female artists wearing traditional nine yard long sarees, commonly known as nauvari. The saree is worn in traditional maharashtrian style.  As an exponent of lavani dance form, Shakuntala Nagarkar, also affectionately known as Shakubai, wears and appreciates silk sarees, but an expression like this makes it priceless.

Featuring here is a handwoven pure silk banarsai kadwa saree. Kadwa is a form of weaving which has been on a decline. Its also known as embroidery on loom and is done by two craftsman simultaneously working on a loom. One saree typically takes three months to make. Armed with the techniques perfected over centuries, the artisans make finest of the silk sarees, befitting the regality.

“ They don’t make them no more”